Sam4s ER-180 – download brochure

The Sam4s ER-180 Cash Register offers many features and is ideal for any small Retail or Hospitality business.
  •  5 Sales Departments.
  • 100 PLU’s (Price Look Ups).
  • 4 Clerks.
  • 4 Tax Rates.
  • Small Cash Drawer (Lockable).
  • Single Station Fly Wheel Printer.
  • Secure Mode Lock.
  • Calculator Mode.
  • Auto Date Change.
  • Journal or Receipt Printing.
  • Full End of Day Reports.
Sam4s ER-180T – download brochure

The Sam4s ER-180T Cash Register offers many features and is ideal for any small Retail or Hospitality business.
  •  5 Sales Departments.
  • 500 PLU’s (Price Look Ups).
  • Large Cash Drawer (Lockable).
  • Programmable Message & Text.
  • Single Station Thermal Printer.
  • Secure Mode Lock.
  • Calculator Mode.
  • Auto Date Change.
  • Journal or Receipt Printing on Demand.
  • Rear Customer Display.
  • Full End of Day Reports.
Sam4s ER-230 – download brochure

he Sam4s ER-230 is ideal where space is limited or no mains power. The perfect answer for Kiosks or Outdoor Event Catering.
Mains or heavy duty battery power. Runs for 8hrs on a single charge. The dimensions (without Drawer) are 225(W) x 326(D) x 124(H)mm.
  • 58mm 1-Station Thermal Printer.
  • 10.5 Lines a Sec. Print Speed.
  • Mains or Battery Power (8Hrs).
  • 48 Key Raised Keyboard.
  • Large 12 Digit LCD Operator and Customer Display with Backlight.
  • 500 PLU's (Price Look Ups).
  • 12 Departments.
  • Graphic Logo Function.
  • 180 Days Memory Back-Up.
  • One Serial Port and One Drawer Port.
  • Add Optional Kitchen Printer, Drawer or Scanner.
Sam4s ER-260 – download brochure

The new Sam4s ER-260 is a budget priced cash register thats big on performance and available in Black. The ER-260 is designed for all types of basic entry level retail or hospitality environments.
Key Features
  • Easy set-up & operator friendly.
  • Single station thermal printer.
  • Graphic logo.
  • Auto paper load.
  • Calculator mode.
  • 15 Programmable departments.
  • 1000 PLU's (Price look up's).
  • Automatic VAT calculation.
  • Large Cash Drawer 8 coin 4 notes.
  • Rear display (non-pop up).
  • 1 x Serial interface (For dealer utility).
  • Daily and periodic X & Z reporting.

Sam4s ER-420M – download brochure

If you need a simple, quick, quiet and economical cash register then the ER-420M fits the bill. If you want a low cost cash register that will grow with your business then the ER-420M is the cash register for you. Want to start with simple operation and then upgrade to bar code scanning later, No Problem! 
  • Low cost cash register.
  • 2 station thermal printer.
  • No ink ribbons or rollers.
  • 2 line backlit operator display.
  • Optional Peripherals & Utility Software
  • SRP-270 Dot Matrix Kitchen Printer.
  • SRP-350 Thermal Printer.
  • High Speed Modem.
  • Bar Code Scanners.
  • Programming Utility Software.
  • Samstock Stock Control Software.
Sam4s ER-5200M Series – download brochure

The ER-5200M series of cash registers are designed with an alpha-numeric display. This along with a range of keyboard designs and numerous features such as scanning and check tracking ensure the register is suitable for all environments from hospitality through to general retail.
The 5200M has a 160 flat PLU keyboard with programmability for free functions. The system will provide five keyboard levels with up to two prices and three levels of groups for each product, ensuring comprehensive menus can be catered for. The system also has Free School Meals System.

The 5215/5240M models provide a raised keyboard generally used within the retail environment, the system benefits from free function programming allowing
the keyboard to be customised with features such as timed macros with mode change etc. especially suited to general retailing.
  • 10,000 PLUs.
  • 5 Keyboard Modifier Levels.
  • 99 Groups Over 3 Levels of Grouping.
  • 99 Mix and Match Totals.
  • Scanning Capabilities.
  • NLU Free Keyboard Layout.
  • Price Inquiry & Price Change Analysis.
  • Minimum Stock Entry.
  • 99 Clerks By Code, 10 By Button.
  • Clerk Interrupt With 10 Clerk Functions.
  • Training Clerk.
  • Guest and table number management.
  • Table Number Entry.
  • Remote and Receipt Billing.
Sam4s SER-7000/40 download brochure 

Designed by people who understand what is required by retailers, fulfilling the needs for accuracy, security and reliability. Simple program maintenance allowing easy updates for those daily menu changes, special offers and promotions.

Key Features
  • Designed for hospitality, leisure and general retail with barcode scanning.
  • 4 separate check tracking files with memory billing, stand alone or network.
  • Interrupt cashier (layaway) on any terminal in network.
  • Share kitchen/bar order printers between cash registers.
  • Stub tickets for admissions.
  • Preview receipt feature.
  • Simple to program with automatic broadcast network.
  • Flexible EPROM based software & battery backed CMOS RAM.
  • Employee clock in and out with hours worked report.
  • Automatic reports at pre-set times & secure training mode.
  • Drive through system for fast food.
  • Split bill by seat number.
  • Transferable accounts eg. from tables to rooms.

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